Welcome to my collection of educational films from this page you will find a selection of films from the educational film genre I have films from the late 1940's through the early 1970's on many different subjects  I will keep adding more films as time permits, feel free to download these films by right clicking on the film you want to see and save target as or you can watch min streaming video.



A is For Atom is a 14-minute 1953 promotional animated short documentary film created by John Sutherland and sponsored by General Electric (GE). It is now in the public domain. The short explains what an atom is, how nuclear energy is released from certain kinds of atoms, the peacetime uses of atomic energy, and the by-products of nuclear fission. MPEG 4 - 91.2 MB   DOWNLOAD / STREAM


Big Man of Campus (1962) Tells the story of Jerry Warner, a junior high school student who finds himself in trouble with the authorities and realizes that it is his own attitude and behavior that have caused his predicament. "Produced with the cooperation of the Los Angeles City School District, the Inglewood Unified School District, and the Inglewood Police Department. MPEG 4-63.8 MB / DOWNLOAD STREAM


Duck and Cover (1951) was a civil defense film (sometimes also characterized as a social guidance film or propaganda) produced in 1951 (but first shown publicly in January 1952) by the United States federal government's civil defense branch shortly after the Soviet Union began nuclear testing. Written by Raymond J. Mauer and directed by Anthony Rizzo of Archer Productions and made with the help of schoolchildren from New York City and Astoria, New York, it was shown in schools as the cornerstone of the government's "duck and cover" public awareness campaign. The movie states that nuclear war could happen at any time without warning, and U.S. citizens should keep this constantly in mind and be ever ready. MPEG 4 -56.MB / DOWNLOAD / STREAM

Girls Beware (1961)Like its precursor Name Unknown (1951), Girls Beware is a trilogy of tragedies brought about by teenage girls' attempts at independent behavior. Covers do's and don'ts in the babysitting situation. Develops the problem of the 'PICK UP' and the girls who go with boys that are too old. MPEG 4 - 59.5 MB / DOWNLOAD / STREAM


Gossip (1960)In this beautiful looking Sid Davis film (I wonder if Sid Davis is beautiful looking?) We join a parent principal conference in progress. Jean (who, oddly enough, is the name of the gossip-catcher in Centron's 'The Gossip") has to quit school. Why? She's the victim of nasty rumors that she "parks in cars with boys" (as the Coronet film "Are You Popular?" would put it). We then see the horrid details of how this all took place. You see, Jean was the victim of a boy who's tried to make the move on her, HUMILIATED by this, he makes up a story about her, which naturally travels like wildfire. We then cut back to the conference room, and the principal says to hold off on it. The principal then talks to the guy who made up the rumor and says to tell the truth to all the students he told it to, which he obliges. Yeah RIGHT. May be true in the 50's, but I imagine would be dealt with today by telling Jean to deal with it herself. Highly recommended, just by the looks of the film itself. MPEG 4 -66.7 MB /  DOWNLOAD / STREAM

Mollie Grows Up (1958)  This film was written by a man, Donald Hatfield (who also worked on How Boys Grow), which must account for all the bizarre advice that Molly and her classmates get about menstruation. Were women were so disempowered in the fifties that they needed a man to tell them about menstruation? Unlike How Boys Grow, which starts with scenes of boys having fun at the playground and amusement park, the opening credits for Molly Grows Up are in the form of a plain notebook on a checkered tableclothin other words, the film starts in the kitchen, women's place. We meet Molly as she tells two elderly women neighbors about a wedding where the bride wore the most beautiful white dress Ive ever seen! The film is narrated by Miss Jenson, the school gym teacher. Molly comes home from school one day and tells her mom (whose in the kitchen, of course) that her period has started. Molly and her mom have a heart to heart talk that night about growing up and even tell Mollys dad whose response is What! Already? The boys film takes place in the school locker roomfor boys growing up signals separation (we never see their parents). But in this film, for girls growing up means staying closer to home. We cut to a Molly's hygiene class where Miss Jenson explains the mechanics of menstruation. In the boys film, they're told about masturbation and sexual intercourse; but the girls are only told about sanitary pads and to wear your prettiest dress and be your most attractive self. The boys are allowed to have a sexual life; the girls are only given a weird list of things to avoid: square dancing, skating and horseback riding. Even though this film is progressive for its time, it still denies girls a sexual life. The films ends with Molly looking on longingly while big sister Jeannie goes out on a date. According to Miss Jenson, growing up for girls means lovely, romantic dresses and wonderful, important friends. All the talk about dresses in this film is meant to lead up to Mollys penultimate dressher wedding dress. There are many wonderful things to look forward to! says Miss Jenson. But what are they? The only possibilities we see for Molly are to be either an unmarried teacher like Miss Jenson or an intelligent woman stuck at home in the kitchen all day like her mother. MPEG 4 -88.6 MB

The Bottle and the Throttle (1962) - Pretty classic Sid Davis scare film has it all, foolish teenagers, a tern narrator, and of course, racks and racks of guilt. We somewhat follow Bill. who had a couple of beers and then goes driving with his girl, he hits a mother and a girl. Inbetween the story, we are shown what happens to alcohol once it enters the human body and some nice actual crash scenes. But man oh man, poor Bill, not only does he have to do the 'blow this balloon up' test which I've never seen, or having to deal with the death of the young girl 'for the rest of your life', but you have the most guilt-rodden, angst building, condescending narrator just about to spit on you. Highly Recommended!


The Strange Ones (1963) -Another Sid Davis film in which vulnerable children wander in an urban-suburban landscape filled with menace. The film warns children about the strange ones, the films term for pedophiles. Karen lets a strange man buy her candy and gets in his car. In this dire cinematic world, children play alone in junkyards or shoot baskets in desolate concrete playgrounds where men lurk in the shadows, waiting for a right moment to move in on their prey. As in a similar Davis film, Boys Beware, we only briefly see a mother. In both films, the mothers are isolated in drab ranch houses and are the last to learn their child is missing. And the only men we see are either police officers or the pedophiles. Where are the fathers? In these communities without moorings the police department is the only institution capable of maintaining the social order. MPEG 4 - 60.7 MB

Are You Popular (1947)  Teenaged Wally is attracted to two girls. One is Ginny, the local "bad girl" with a reputation. The other is Caroline, a virginal young thing who is everything Ginny isn't. Wally would dearly like to see for himself if Ginny lives up to her reputation, but finds himself somehow attracted to Caroline's white-bread wholesomeness. Torn between his lust for the slutty but available Ginny and his attraction to the hot but "not until we're married" Caroline, Wally knows that things are getting to the point where he has to come to a decision. What to do, what to do . . . Written by frankfob2@yahoo.com


Boys Beware  (1958) is a film released through Sid Davis Productions. The film deals with a perceived danger to young boys: that of predatory homosexuals. The film was released in 1961 and, through negligence of the copyright laws in the United States at the time of its release, lapsed into the public domain and is available from the Rick Prelinger archives.The film was probably the most infamous of all Sid Davis's work, and has often been accused of equating homosexual men with child molesters. Aside from the film's late '50s/early '60s culturally influenced conclusion that homosexual men are inherently dangerous to young boys, the film has been noted for its unusual perception of police procedure: one boy is taken to a hotel, presumably to be molested, and later reports the crime. The perpetrator is arrested; the victim is put on probation. The film itself has other odd moments, generally the result of the film's shoestring budget of $1,000--a minuscule sum for a short film, even in 1961. At one point, a homosexual driving to what looks like a lover's lane alley is caught in the same car that the police detective uses. Sid Davis was friends with the police in Southern California and would accept their suggestions of topics to make films about, allowing them to guide the films' message and development. In another odd moment Sid Davis himself, the owner of the production company, cameos as a predatory homosexual stalking a boy along a beach. MPEG 4 - 60.3 MB

How Much Affection  (1957) Rather interestingly told short about Laurie and Jeff, two people who get hot and heavy one night and Laurie is SO ashamed of it. A great show at the beginning has Laurie fleeing Jeff's car. Quite effective. After Laurie has a heart to heart talk with her Mom, she takes it very very slow with Jeff for the time being. You can just sense the discomfort the two have for each other now, and one wonders where there relationship will wind up. Not exactly a bed of roses here. Reccomended!


LSD Insight or Insanity (1967)




Marijuana (1968) is a short film that is hosted by Sonny Bono who does a lot of preaching and signify about how marijuana is illegal and you kids shouldn't try





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